Gallery of Jewelry

Items for Sale

My name is Michael Ledman and I have been making jewelry for many years.  Most of the pieces are made from natural stones like Amethyst, Citrine, Quartz, and Blue Lapis.  Some of my jewelry is wire wrapped and others are strung on beading cable or stretch cord.  Many of my pieces use gold as well.  I do use gold filled wire most of the time.  I find it lasts just as long and is just as durable as solid gold and costs much less.  I do also use copper and silver occasionally.  I have started using Argentium silver which is .930 silver.  This product also wears like sterling sliver but doesn't tarnish nearly as much (it is silver .930 vs. .925 for sterling silver).  The gold and silver beads I use most are pewter based and overlaid with gold or silver.  I like these products because they have the weight and wear of gold and silver with much less cost.  Also, it is hard to find interesting solid gold or even gold filled beads.  I rarely use gold or silver plated materials.  They don't last and look bad after only being warn a few times.  My designs are usually rather simple allowing the natural beauty of the stones to show. 

Above you will find a "Gallery of Jewelry", which will show pieces I have made and "Items for Sale".  Though I have items for sale I really do prefer to make custom pieces.  This way every piece is a unique and a reflection of the person wearing it.

I hope you enjoy my little addiction that is making jewelry!